Until the crisis ends, we serve the people.
Organizing and providing mutual aid for people in the Boston area.

Solidarity Supply Distro is a coalition of leftist and anti-capitalist organizers who are building community resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you need food or supplies, please come to one of our weekly serves. We have a distro every Monday at 4:30pm at Make Shift Boston.

WHEN: Mondays, 4:30pm
WHERE: Make Shift Boston, 549 Columbus Ave
WHO: You, me, anyone who needs it.


We hold a monthly Free Store for the People outside the Lucy Parsons Center in JP.

We offer clothes, household goods, baby items, toiletries, small appliances, toys—you name it!

WHEN: Sunday, April 11th from 12 - 3 pm
WHERE: Outside the Lucy Parsons Center, 358 Centre St in Jamaica Plain
WHO: You, me, anyone who needs it.

"Foods of Joy",
SSD's march 2021 ZINE

Zine Image

For this publication, Solidarity Supply Distro volunteers and community members were asked to contribute stories and recipes of foods that kindle joy or are prepared and eaten in celebration. Food is a necessity, and food traditions abound even when food does not. Celebration and joy are also necessities, both as tools for surviving and as tools for fighting oppression.

With this zine, we recognize the central importance of food in our lives, and we acknowledge joy and celebration under oppression as radical. We hope this publication brings you joy and reflection upon your own food traditions, in addition to greater appreciation for those of your neighbors.


YOU can help provide food and essentials to the people of Boston.

Donate to our ongoing fundraising campaign, or volunteer to join the effort!


Join our weekly study group, every Friday from 6 pm - 7:30 pm. No need to read the text in advance!


We are a coalition of communists, anarchists, and socialists who are organizing around the principle that the pandemic is political. While the owning class—people like your boss, your landlord, and most politicians—can afford to work from home, self-isolate, and pay for treatment, we, the workers, don't get that option. If we don't work, we can't pay rent; if our hours are cut, or the schools we send our kids to close, we're left to fend for ourselves—all while the class who makes those decisions sit comfortably at home.

We know that the whole damn system is responsible. What the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed is not anything new—it's just an intensification of contradictions that were always here. The rich get richer and protect themselves, while the people whose labor produces their wealth are hung out to dry.

So we're organizing to help meet the basic needs of our comrades in this time of crisis, and working to build resilient structures of working class power that can continue to fight back against a system that depends on our exploitation.

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Right now, we distribute free supplies to the people who need it. We distribute these during our weekly serve, every Monday at 4:30 PM at Makeshift Boston and by delivering to the people who can't make it to our serve. We also hold monthly Free Stores for the People outside the Lucy Parsons Center. We run these distributions to serve the people in ways that we can, but also because we understand the need to build political power and advance towards revolution. In order to do that, we need to get organized as the oppressed and build our ability to fight back; and in order to do even that, we need to survive.

We are influenced by the Service to the People programs of the Black Panther Party, who understood that, while the problems facing the masses will not be solved without revolution, it's the responsibility of militants to ensure the survival of the people until that moment comes; they called these programs "survival" programs, as in "survival, pending revolution."
We are not a charity, we are a survival program.

We have a ton of work ahead of us, and need all the help we can get. If you agree with our points of unity and would like to help us serve the people, please email us at [email protected]


We are anti-capitalists and anti-racists. The Covid-19 crisis has only revealed already existing contradictions within capitalism; impact has been most felt in working class communities, especially Black, Indigenous, and communities of color.

We unite against the capitalist state and its repressive arm, the police, which occupies Black and working class communities. Even as the state offers band-aid fixes to the pandemic, we understand that capitalism is the source of our suffering. We fight for revolution and the complete abolition of capitalism and its police force. Only political power in the hands of the working class will be able to resolve the crises of capitalism.

We serve the people. While we understand that mutual aid alone cannot resolve the crises of capitalism, survival programs by and for the people are a tool to build and deepen our relationships as organizers with working communities in the Boston area, to develop revolutionary leaders from within working communities, and to raise the consciousness of the working class. Mutual aid teaches the masses that we are able to care for one another; it is a glimpse into the society we could build, free from the ravages of capitalism and settler colonialism.



If you'd like to help volunteer, fill out our onboarding form to get started!



If you'd like to help us continue supplying food and essentials to people in Boston, we could really use your financial donations right now.

$14 covers a household's package, $17 covers one no-cook bag for an unhoused recipient.

Please donate what you can.


We take donations of food and supplies for our weekly distros.

To drop off donations, come to Make Shift Boston on Monday, preferably a little before 4:30pm.


Donate clothes, baby items, housewares, toys and games, small appliances, etc. to our monthly Free Store for the People!

Come to our storage unit—located at 3175 Washington St—on Sunday from 1-3 pm to drop off any items.


We're here to answer any and all of your questions!

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